Our Mission


The ARRL Great Lakes Division Leadership provides the interface between League Members and the National Organization.   


The key to our existence is Membership involvement in the growth of Amateur Radio in all walks of life.   


The Great Lakes Division Leadership shall keep the Division Membership informed and provide the Membership with leadership training and opportunity along with the promotion of League programs within the Division that are vital to our overall success.  


Membership training in radio techniques for Public Service communications is at the top of our priority list.   


We will continue to be strengthened through Membership involvement at the grass roots level.


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Great Lakes Division Director


Scott Yonally, N8SY

258 Valley Hi Drive
Lexington, OH, 44904




Great Lakes Division Vice Director


Roy Hook, W8REH

6611 Steitz Road

Powell, OH 43065




Great Lakes Division Profile:


The Great Lakes Division is represented by the Division Director, who is assisted by the Vice Director. The Division Director is the voting member of the ARRL Board for the Division. The Division Director also appoints various Assistant Directors within the Division who assist in various tasks.


Within the Great Lakes Division, there are 3 Sections. Each Section is managed by a Section Manager.

The Sections are: Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.


The Great Lakes Division currently represents 59,627 total licensed Amateur Radio operators with 11,960 of them being ARRL members, and is comprised of 235 Affiliated Clubs, with 22 of those clubs having the distinction of being a Special Service Club.



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